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Looking for videos of our actual farm life? Need step-by-step videos for our recipes? You can find that and more at our evolving YouTube channel. We’re excited to introduce you to our farm and invite you into our kitchen.

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Homemade Chicken Tortilla Recipe

This Homemade Chicken Tortilla Recipe is winner!  I’ll even give you two options:  busy, busy,  fast and easy or all homemade and full of love.  And lets be real, some times you have to choose one over the other! Use Your Leftover Italian Crock Pot Chicken Yes, click the link above for the recipe and […]

Easy Italian Crock Pot Chicken Recipe

This easy Italian Crock Pot Chicken is a good stand alone or use it as a base and add your favorite veggies or fruit for a complete one dish meal. Always Start With The Finest Ingredients Oh who am I kidding?  You start with the best you can afford or what you happen to have.  […]

Boston Baked Beans

I love learning how to do new things.  I like to figure things out hands on.  I’m not scared of failure.  If you fail at something who cares? You either learn some more and try again, or you say “the heck with that” and move on.  Well that’s what I do anyway!  BUT…when your new […]